Monday, February 4, 2013

Random Fashion Bits [Ft. eBay, F21, H&M, The 99 cents Store, & Cotton On]

Hey Everyone!!
Over the course of the last few weeks I picked up some random doo-wops and I decided to take some pictures and show all you wonderful people. If you look up in the title you will see which stores I went to/ordered from in order to get these items. So here we go go go, here we go go go!
 Black Over-sized Cardigan.Shawl/eBay
 Knitted High-Low Tank/F21
 Coffee Cardigan/eBay
 CC Top/eBay
 Skinny Jeans/H&M
[May I just add that these were ONLY $9.95!!! Honestly, what is life?! Such a great steal!]
Reindeer Pattern Beanie/99 Cents Store
Abstract Beanie/99 Cents Store
 A.Wang Dupe Bag w/ gold hardware/Cotton On

Soooo that's all that I've bought! I've noticed that I have been doing a little too much retail therapy lately, so I'm trying to cut back my shopping on clothes and shoes for awhile. I have a BUNCH of DIY projects coming up(Get excited ya'll!!), so I want to save my money to buy supplies. I was thinking about doing a haul video, but I don't think I will since I'm doing this blog post. 
Best wishes everyone and see you soon!!
xoxo, ariel

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