Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Forever 21 Interview OOTD

Hey guys! So today I had my Forever 21 interview and for some reason I was really nervous. I'm usually okay for interviews, but I think it was because I just really wanted the job I have always wanted to work here even though I have heard some bad things about having a job there. But I just couldn't resist the clothes! I have an extreme weakness to fashion.:( Ahh ok so anyways, the interview went great! There are two bosses so one boss has to pass my application to the other boss, so that I can have ANOTHER interview with her. The process is nerve-wracking. I just want to make some money already! If any of yall have worked at forever 21 or have heard some stories about it, PLEASE leave a comment about your experiences. :) Or tell me what your favorite store is?
Turquoise Clutch from Ross or TJ Maxx (Sorry I honestly don't remember)
 Gladiator Sandals from Love Culture
  Earrings from Charlotte Russe (I'm overly obsessed with these earrings!)
 My favorite eye make-up look. I wear it almost everyday I go out.
-NYC Eyeliner(Black)
-Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara(Blackest Black)
-Naked Palette Eyeshadow (Virgin; used to outline my lower eyelid and the corner of my eye)
 -Mary Kay Blush (Unknown shade)
 -White Skinny Jeans(rolled up) from Kohls
-Black laced shoulder top from Forever 21

 Thank you for looking at my OOTD! I hope I get the job! Fingers crossed!:)

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