Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Mini Make-Up Collection

Hey guys! I was gonna post this later, but I decided to just post it anyways. This is currently my make-up collection, basically all the make-up I have. It's pretty pathetic compared to the other gurus out there, but I'm  not the richest person right now so I make do with what I have. Lol but anyways I used to ONLY use eyeliner, mascara, and foundation. Then I started to dabble into blush and lipstick and my interest continued to grow. Then I got my hands on a NAKED palette and ever since I have been obsessed with learning about different techniques and different looks that have been floating about on youtube and such. Since my collection is small I wanted to post about it now, so when I come back a year from now I can post a new updated version and show how far I have come from my beginner kit. So enjoy for now! Please ignore my dirty foundation brush!-_- I took pics about 2 mins after I finished my make-up today and I wanted to take pics while it was on my mind. Next year I'll clean up. I promise!
 Box from Target(about $30)

 The inside
 My brushes
 The lips section
The eye section
 The bottom of my make-up box. Foundations, concealer and highlighter, powder, my BEAUTIFUL NAKED palette(I'm still in love with it), my mary kay palette, eye primer, and a few nail polishes.(I have more nail polishes than this, but they are scattered around my house.)
I decided to throw in a few of my hygiene products. Lol just for kicks and giggles~

Thank you~


  1. I love Mary Kay (: I'm lucky enough to have my mom as a consultant. But really, it's been so good to my skin! :)

    Thanks for following my blog! Looking forward to all your updates!

    XO - Savvy


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