Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Day of College: What I Wanna Wear!

For important events in my life, I like to have the outfit picked out ahead of time. When I get excited for something, I tend to be more organized with minor details in my daily life like outfit choices. I haven't decided on an outfit yet, because I have a vision of what I wanna wear. In my vision I've chosen 3 necessary pieces that I don't even own.-_- Lol with that being said, I'm hoping to buy them before tuesday(my first day). For my first day of college I would like to be more casual and not dressy. Absolutely no dresses, no skirts, heels,  etc. I want to look somewhat presentable though, so no sweatpants, tennis shoes, t-shirts(unless it's like a long one with a thin-ish material).etc. I googled some picks on the internet that would be my ideal first day of college outfit..
A top with an accent cut-out like this would 
be perfect along with the color since I would
prefer something that would contrast black. 
  Billabong Bob Marley Live Tank Top - Women's
            A top with a thin material and a graphic  
             would also be ideal.

                           My ideal bottom would be leggings, 
                            because they're comfy and I can dress
                        them casually. It personally irks me
                            when girls wear leggings(unless they're 
                              leather or unless you're a girl without a little 
                              bit of junk in the trunk) with their buttocks
                                showing. I like to have mine covered, but to
                       each his own.
                                        These bad boys from Target are what I've been 
                                           molding my ideal outfit around. They have a hidden high-top
                                           heel and aren't so flamboyant like my Nikes. I love these shoes!
                                      Sadly 2 minutes ago, I found out they were out
                                     of stock. :,( FREAKING WOE IS ME!

So that was my ideal outfit! Hopefully I can find something like this for my first day. If not, high-waisted shorts and a cute shirt never killed anybody. :)

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