Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Mini Make-Up Collection

Hey guys! I was gonna post this later, but I decided to just post it anyways. This is currently my make-up collection, basically all the make-up I have. It's pretty pathetic compared to the other gurus out there, but I'm  not the richest person right now so I make do with what I have. Lol but anyways I used to ONLY use eyeliner, mascara, and foundation. Then I started to dabble into blush and lipstick and my interest continued to grow. Then I got my hands on a NAKED palette and ever since I have been obsessed with learning about different techniques and different looks that have been floating about on youtube and such. Since my collection is small I wanted to post about it now, so when I come back a year from now I can post a new updated version and show how far I have come from my beginner kit. So enjoy for now! Please ignore my dirty foundation brush!-_- I took pics about 2 mins after I finished my make-up today and I wanted to take pics while it was on my mind. Next year I'll clean up. I promise!
 Box from Target(about $30)

 The inside
 My brushes
 The lips section
The eye section
 The bottom of my make-up box. Foundations, concealer and highlighter, powder, my BEAUTIFUL NAKED palette(I'm still in love with it), my mary kay palette, eye primer, and a few nail polishes.(I have more nail polishes than this, but they are scattered around my house.)
I decided to throw in a few of my hygiene products. Lol just for kicks and giggles~

Thank you~

Forever 21 Interview OOTD

Hey guys! So today I had my Forever 21 interview and for some reason I was really nervous. I'm usually okay for interviews, but I think it was because I just really wanted the job I have always wanted to work here even though I have heard some bad things about having a job there. But I just couldn't resist the clothes! I have an extreme weakness to fashion.:( Ahh ok so anyways, the interview went great! There are two bosses so one boss has to pass my application to the other boss, so that I can have ANOTHER interview with her. The process is nerve-wracking. I just want to make some money already! If any of yall have worked at forever 21 or have heard some stories about it, PLEASE leave a comment about your experiences. :) Or tell me what your favorite store is?
Turquoise Clutch from Ross or TJ Maxx (Sorry I honestly don't remember)
 Gladiator Sandals from Love Culture
  Earrings from Charlotte Russe (I'm overly obsessed with these earrings!)
 My favorite eye make-up look. I wear it almost everyday I go out.
-NYC Eyeliner(Black)
-Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara(Blackest Black)
-Naked Palette Eyeshadow (Virgin; used to outline my lower eyelid and the corner of my eye)
 -Mary Kay Blush (Unknown shade)
 -White Skinny Jeans(rolled up) from Kohls
-Black laced shoulder top from Forever 21

 Thank you for looking at my OOTD! I hope I get the job! Fingers crossed!:)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Drill Team Banquet

 Okay so this was a VERY exciting day, because I finally got to style my new Yaki Weave! This has been my very first time using weave and I am in love!<3 My average hair length is relatively long and I always get a lot of compliments about it. But over the last summer I went through some "hard times" and a lot of my hair fell out and I pulled it out on accident, so my hair is uneven and damaged as you could imagine. After a year of growing it out, it barely grew to its original length so I caved in and got some weave. Best decision of this year!
*Also my eye makeup was entirely done by my Urban Decay Naked make up palette.
My eyeliner was NYC Eyeliner Liquid(Black) and Avon Glimmersticks(Blackest Black)
My mascara was CoverGirl Lashblast Volume and Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping
My foundation is Loreal Paris True Match(Shade: W7 Caramel Beige)
My lipstick was Maybelline (Very Cherry)
My blush was Mary Kay(Unsure of the shade)

With my senior girls! Most of us have been together for 3 and a 1/2 years, so this was like a parting party for us. Dance was a big part of my life and it is a little sad to see it go. Boohoo:(
I am wearing a dress from Arden B. I got it last fall for about $89, so I'm unsure if it is still in stock online. My shoes are from Target and I got them for about $25-$30 I think! I'm not quite sure, because they were a birthday present from my brother. They are still at Target and also come in bright blue color.
My earrings were $2 from one of those little carts at a mall in San Antonio, Tx.

                      This is my best friend Jess! She is such an amazing person and inspiration to me. We have been through it all! Hard times and good times, but no matter what we are always there for eachother!<3             
 My company! Those red heels are mine btw.;) I let her borrow them. They're from Target!
         Recieved a $500 scholarship from my dance team director! Truly blessed!


Hi! I thought it would be appropriate to start off with a little intro. My name is Ariel and this will be my first ever blog! This blog will mostly revolve around fashion and beauty, so I hope you will find it quite enjoyable. Can't wait to see where this blog takes me. Thank you!<3
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